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Coco Chips Manufacturing Process


At 3R TerraSustain, we follow stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to deliver Coco Chips of the highest standards. Our Coco Chips are carefully processed and packaged to ensure superior moisture absorption, odor control, and cleanliness, making them an excellent choice for animal bedding and other applications.

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Sourcing Coconut Husks

The first step in Coco Chips production is the collection of coconut husks. These husks are sourced from coconuts harvested from coconut palm trees, typically found in tropical regions.

Husk Removal

The collected coconut husks undergo a husk removal process to separate the fibrous material from the hard outer shell. This can be done through mechanical processes or manually by skilled workers.

Fiber Extraction

Once the husks are separated, the next step is to extract the fibrous material from within the husks. This fiber extraction process involves decorticating the husks to obtain long, thin fibers known as coir.

Fiber Sorting and Cleaning

After extraction, the coir fibers are sorted to remove any impurities or unwanted materials. This ensures that the final Coco Chips product is clean and of high quality.

Chip Cutting

The sorted coir fibers are then cut into smaller pieces, typically in the form of chips. These chips have varying sizes, ranging from fine to coarse, depending on the desired application.

Washing and Drying

To ensure cleanliness and remove any remaining dust or impurities, the Coco Chips undergo a

washing process. Subsequently, they are thoroughly dried to reduce moisture content and achieve optimal moisture absorption capabilities.

Packaging and Distribution

Once the Coco Chips are completely dried, they are packaged in suitable containers, such as bags or bales, for convenient storage and transportation. Proper packaging helps maintain the quality and integrity of the Coco Chips until they reach the end-users.

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